1983 World Cup: Miracle at Lord’s

first_imgThere are moments in sporting history that live forever. The epic Wimbledon final between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe; Muhammad Ali slugging it out against Joe Frazier in Manila; and Italy’s historic win in the World Cup football tournament in Spain. Last week, one more freeze was added to the,There are moments in sporting history that live forever. The epic Wimbledon final between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe; Muhammad Ali slugging it out against Joe Frazier in Manila; and Italy’s historic win in the World Cup football tournament in Spain. Last week, one more freeze was added to the list: Indian Cricket Captain Kapil Dev holding aloft the Prudential World Cup on the balcony at Lord’s in London or gleefully spraying champagne on the frenzied crowds below. The latter, perhaps, was more appropriate, for it was a champagne summer for Indian cricket.India captain Kapil Dev holds aloft the trophy.Starting as unfancied underdogs with London bookies offering 50:1 odds against them, the Indian eleven steered a triumphant if somewhat erratic course to a nail-biting cliff–hanger of a final against the seemingly invincible West Indies, undefeated in one-day cricket and winners of the previous two World Cup titles in 1975 and 1979.It was undoubtedly India’s- and international cricket’s- finest hour. No comparable event can match the excitement and athletic heights which limited overs cricket achieves. The setting could not have been more perfect-England, where the World Cup originated and which is still the only country that can successfully stage such a spectacular show. Even the weather seemed overawed by the occasion, driving rain giving way gracefully to brilliant sunshine.Cricketing Giants: On display was the cream of international cricket, men who are larger than their legends. The incomparable Vivian Richards, arguably the best batsman in the world today. The menacing West Indian pacemen, Joel Garner, Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holding and Andy Roberts, whose grace and fluidity is pure poetry. The Australians Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thomson, two of the fastest bowlers in history. The elegant David Gower and Ian Botham of England. Pakistan’s run-machines Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad and the ever-dangerous Imran Khan.advertisementAgainst giants such as these. India’s chances were infinitesimal. True, in Gavaskar and Mohinder Amarnath, they had batsmen of the highest calibre; and in Kapil Dev, an all-rounder of match-winning ability. But the only quality the rest of the team shared was unbridled enthusiasm and a vast love for the game. Their previous World Cup record was dismal. In 1979, the Indians failed to win a single game and in 1975, succeeded in beating only lowly East Africa.Obviously, Indian cricketers were inadequately equipped for one-day cricket. Or so it seemed. From the day the Indians started their challenge on June 9 at Old Trafford, there was something about _ them that smelled and looked different. On the field and off, they displayed a collective determination that had not been in evidence before. Only one man caught the infection: Australian Captain Kim Hughes. Before the tournament started, Hughes predicted that India would be the “dark horse of the World Cup”.Early Success: Most fairytales start on a high note and this was no exception. At Old Trafford, India humbled the mighty West Indies in the first of their major upsets, registering a 34-run victory. Zimbabwe proved an easier nut to crack in the Indians’ next outing, a match they won by five wickets. And then, the slide that has characterised Indian cricket all along. A crushing defeat by 162 runs against the Australians followed by another loss against the West Indies at the Oval.At that stage, it appeared that it was all over for the Indians. But by then, West Indies Captain Clive Lloyd, probably the most experienced in one-day cricket, wasn’t about to write off the Indian team. After their win, Lloyd thoughtfully told INDIA TODAY: “India are playing very well and in Mohinder Amarnath they have one of the best players of fast bowling in the world.”And then, the turning point. That unforgettable match against Zimbabwe at Tunbridge Wells which will go down as one of the all-time classics. On a cold, cloudy morning, Kapil Dev won the toss and elected to bat. Against the medium pace of Curran and Lawson, the Indian batting crumbled. At 9 for 4 it looked all over, bar the shouting. At 17 for 5, with the specialist batsmen back in the dressing-room, the large contingent of Indian supporters started getting up to leave. And then stopped dead in their tracks as Kapil Dev played the most incredible innings of his career and, ultimately, of the World Cup.Spirited Batting: In a spirit-lifting display of controlled aggression, he hammered an unbeaten 175, the highest individual score ever in a World Cup match and also the first century by an Indian in the tournament. Single-handedly, Kapil transformed imminent defeat into exciting victory.advertisementElated but exhausted after the game, Kapil said: “That game almost tore me apart. I’ve never been so tired in my life.” Above all, the Indian win was a. morale-booster on the eve of the crucial tie against fancied Australia on June 20. Once again, the Indian batting crack* ed-the highest score being Yashpal Sharma’s doughty 40. However, erratic bowling by Australia added 37 valuable extras to the score. But then some tight, accurate medium pace bowling by Roger Binny and Madan Lai demolished the Australians for the lowest score recorded in the tournament and India were through to the semi-finals.Even then, the experts were condescending about India’s efforts. The Guardian’s cricketing correspondent mournfully predicted: “India and not Australia will face England at Old TrafFord. It will be a match of altogether less resonance and less difficulty for England.” But others were more charitable. The Indian underdogs had suddenly become “Dev’s Devils”, and though London’s bookmakers were still offering 50:1 odds that India would lose to England, the British press was interested enough to dig up the nugget that Roger Binny was the great grandson of a Scotsman.Remarkable Win: On a bright sunny morning, with England expected to grind India into the dust of Old Trafford, the excitement had nothing to do with the temperature of 79F. In front of a full house, India demolished the myth of English superiority in this type of cricket with a remarkable victory by six wickets thanks largely to an explosive innings by Sandeep Patil and the deceptive bowling of Mohinder Amarnath and Kirti Azad.There was stunned silence in the home crowd as they watched with mounting disbelief England’s defeat take India into the finals. “It was the bowling of Mohinder and Kirti that was the turning point,” said Kapil after the match. “We had a personal score to settle. We had been dismissed as not worthy of reaching the finals and me and my boys were out to prove them wrong.”The English Captain Bob Willis graciously conceded that “It was a top class team performance. The Indians played extremely well. They have been grossly underrated. I don’t know why people always expect them to lose.” English Vice Captain David Gower was more analytical in his reactions. Said he: “The Indians have really learned how to field in oneday cricket. But I believe it was their team-work and Kapil’s astute captaincy that won them the game.”From Old TrafFord to the riiracle at Lord’s. The Ids had come down to a more respectable 5:2 against an Indian win. Even then, the possibility of India beating the formidable West Indies was wafer thin. The British media reflected that adequately enough. Except former English captain Tony Lewis. He mused: “For the first time I have seen an Indian side looking like it truly believes it can win the competition.”In the event, it turned out to be a match that will be replayed ball by ball wherever cricket lovers gather for quite some years to come. To chants of “Kapil, Kapil” and “India zindabad”, India triumphed in the end but not without giving their supporters some major heart attacks.advertisementSent in to bat on an easy-paced wicket, India were off to their customary bad start when Gavaskar was caught behind trying to steer through the slips with 2 runs on the board. At the other end, Srikkanth, as if to atone for his senior colleague’s sins, launched a blistering attack on the West Indian pace attack, particularly Roberts. Playing some superb strokes, he raced to 38 before he fell with the score at 59 for 2. Amarnath, the next man in, played in almost copybook fashion against the menacing pace of Garner and Marshall and with 90 on the board, India looked set for a big score.Sudden Setback: Then came the dramatic reversal with both Amarnath and Yashpal Sharma gone in consecutive overs. The disaster story continued after lunch with Kapil, the only man who looked capable of getting a big score, going for another big hit and holing out to long on after scoring just 15. Patil continued to play some attractive cricket but was rapidly running out of partners. Azad left in the second over after lunch and Binny followed almost immediately after, both playing uppish shots to waiting fielders.India had lost five wickets in the space of 37 balls and at 1 1 1 for 6, it appeared that it was going to be a one-sided final. Once Patil fell, to be followed by Madan Lai, India were reeling at 161 for 9 and only a last wicket stand of 22 between Kirmani and Sandhu pushed the score up to 183.A score of 183 against the West Indies was hardly cause for concern in the Caribbean. But on the field, the Indian team looked razor-sharp. Urged on constantly by Kapil, his bowlers went flat out. It was captaincy of the highest order. Undaunted by the meagre total, Kapil maintained the pressure right through by offensive, attacking field placings. He had two slips for most of the early half and, even towards the end. still persisted with one slip in Gavaskar a move that was a risky gamble against the West Indians but which finally paid high dividends: Gavaskar snapped up two vital catches in that position.Aggressive Captaincy: Kapil. with a huge grin on his face, made a difficult catch look easy by dismissing danger man Vivian Richards; and then Mohinder Amarnath and Madan Lai did the rest with some intelligent and unrelentingly hostile bowling to snatch an astonishing victory from the gaping jaws of defeat.When the West Indies walked out to bat to the accompaniment of raucous calypsos, the only comfort the Indian team had was the fact that the Caribbeans are prone to crumble under pressure. When Sandhu knocked back Greenidge’s off stump with a ball that turned back and which the experienced opener incredibly left alone, tension started building up. But Richards played some classic strokes all round the wicket and at 50 for Lit looked like the bookies had been right. Then came that well-judged catch by Kapil off Richards and the tide suddenly turned. It was obvious to every one that the West Indies were victims of overconfidence.Like a pride of lions that has smelled blood, the Indian team closed in for the kill and nobody at Lord’s was in any doubt that they could do it. Kapil himself was like a coiled spring, clenching and unclenching his fists, bouncing up and down on his heels. His energy transmitted itself to the rest of the field. Gomes was snapped up by Gavaskar in the slips and an injured Lloyd holed out to Kapil.Crucial Advantage: At 76 for 6, India were slowly wresting the advantage and history was in the making. The tension mounted palpably as a seventh wicket stand between Dujon and Marshall took the score to 119. before it was left to the valiant Mohinder Amarnath. coming back for a second spell, to make the crucial break by bowling Dujon. He followed this up with the wicket of Marshall. Kapil accounted for Roberts and Amarnath deservedly put the final nail in the coffin by accounting for Holding.For Lord’s, the Mecca of international cricket, it was a scene worthy of its eminence. Jubilant crowds turned the ground into a carnival with the cymbals and bongos of the West Indian supporters in disharmonious rhythm with the dholuks and temple bells of the Indian supporters.That it was a miracle was evident from the fact that the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) found itself in an embarrassing position when it had no passes for the Indian pressmen covering the event. The reason: they had not expected the Indians to reach the finals. So intense and emotion-charged were the final moments of the match that 14 people were arrested for drunken behaviour.Accolades: But nobody at Lord’s on that historic day, whether British or West Indian, could grudge India that glorious moment when Kapil lifted the glittering World Cup high into the air in triumph, while huge crowds below danced the bhangra. For once, the critics had been silenced and never more effectively so.”Kapil’s men turn world upside down” screamed the London Times headline while the report went on to term India as “cannonfodder turned cannon”. The losing captain. Clive Lloyd gave full credit to Kapil. “He’s. been able to rally the entire team behind him,” said Lloyd admiringly, adding: “He’s really done a marvellous job.” Tragically, Lloyd relinquished his captaincy one day before the final when he announced that he would no longer captain the side. His successor will probably be Vice-Captain Vivian Richards.Pataudi, who had flown in from Bombay the day before the match, was wreathed in smiles. “This is India’s finest hour” was all he could manage. Farokh Engineer, the Britain-based businessman and former Indian Test star, was more loquacious: “There has been a tremendous improvement in the fielding since my days.” he acknowledged.Team Effort: The heroes of the side, sipping champagne in the dressing-room, took the victory in their stride, a true reflection of the enormous confidence they now have in their own ability. “We were always the underdogs and this has given us more incentive,” remarked Vice-Captain Mohinder Amarnath. Roger Binny, who played such a crucial role in India’s march to Lord’s and captured the highest number of wickets in the tournament was exultant. “We have done enough for our grandchildren to talk about,” he said somewhat immodestly.Added Man Singh, the phlegmatic but friendly Indian team manager: “We clicked because every man threw in everything he had and Kapil led from the front.” And no man deserved higher credit than a visibly elated Kapil Dev who sprayed champagne on cheering crowds from the balcony at Lord’s in benediction and also in acknowledgement of their contribution.But if that widely-publicised action was symbolic of a christening, there could have been nothing more fitting. The transformation in the Indian team was as if they had been born again. For once, the Indian selectors had picked a side that was admirably equipped for one-day cricket. Unlike fiveday cricket, a limited overs game is a true test of courage and skill. Limited to 60 overs, the batsmen have to score at a rapid rate with no scope or time for grafting.Versatile Side: In Srikkanth and Patil, India had hard-hitting bats capable of negotiating any type of bowling; and battlehardened veterans like Amarnath and Yashpal Sharma to stave off a collapse. The bowling attack was hardly hostile in pace but more than made up by fulfilling the requirements of the one-day cricket with tight accurate bowling. Kapil, Sandhu, Amarnath, Madan Lai. Binny and off-spinner Kirti Azad all struck vital blows for India at crucial stages and also restricted the opponents to beatable scores.But what finally gave India the edge was the fielding and Kapil’s shrewd captaincy. In fact, the two are interrelated. When Kapil first was appointed captain, he had told INDIA TODAY (February 28, 1983) that his first priority would be fielding. Says Kapil now: “For too long has India’s fielding been considered a joke. I will not accept anyone who does not give his all in the field.”He demonstrated that by flying back to Bombay in the middle of his county commitments to Northamptonshire to be present when the team was being selected. Back in England, Kapil drove the players relentlessly, often keeping them out on the practice ground for six hours a day practising calisthenics and sharpening their fielding.In one-day cricket, a good fielding side has a decisive advantage, and this is easily the best fielding side that India has ever produced. Srikkanth in the covers was outstanding, as was the quietly efficient Yashpal Sharma. It has been a long time since Indian supporters have witnessed the sight of four Indian fielders racing to head off a ball with such enthusiasm and understanding. And the man responsible for that is undoubtedly Kapil Dev. As John Woodcock of The Times remarked: “In Kapil Dev, India have the Severiano Balleseros of the game, a man capable of heroics.”After the World Cup, nobody is in ZA any doubt that the disputed title of -L X. the best all-rounder in the game now belongs to Kapil. But it is his captaincy that has flowered into full bloom. He has acquired a maturity that was not in evidence before. On the field, he was a constant inspiration exhorting his team to greater heights. Off the field, he is an amiable and modest colleague, tendering advice and consoling failures.His field placings were, for the most part, highly professional and well thought out. Every match was played to a predetermined plan. Each time India looked in trouble, Kapil’s shrewd bowling changes swung the game back in their favour. He, unlike his more experienced predecessors, has no hesitation in taking advice on the field from his players, particularly Gavaskar.On innumerable occasions, he consulted Gavaskar, a measure of his maturity and uncomplicated nature. It is undoubtedly he who has moulded the Indian team into a winning combination. As he himself acknowledges : “We have no brilliant players but as a side we give all to the game and work very hard for each other.”Personal Example: There lay the difference. For too long has Indian cricket been hamstrung by personal rivalries, inner tensions, regional loyalties and, above all, the crippling call of commercialism. One man, in the short space of time as captain, counsellor and friend, has altered all that-mainly by personal example.Says his coach and mentor Desh Prem Azad who trained Kapil when the latter was a gangly schoolboy in Chandigarh: “Kapil has got to the top the hard way and that is his greatest asset. He used to train eight to 10 hours a day of strenuous physical exercises He was the perfect learner: devoted and diligent, with no short cuts. He has tremendous fighting power and at the same time is capable of personal sacrifices. That is what makes a truly great leader.”Adds Kapil’s mother, Raj Kumari, 55: “His success is the result of hard work. He gave up college to concentrate on his cricket and nobody has any regrets.” Kapil’s younger sister, Pinky, had no doubts that India and her brother would do well. “I just knew his devotion to the game would bring him glory in the end. It is one thing to be a top cricketer but another to be a good human being and Kapil is both.”Collective Effort: But Kapil himself will be the first to admit that it was heroic team effort and not any individual performance that powered India to its greatest cricketing victory. As Tony Lewis remarked of the Indian side: “What have they got? Perhaps more than anything else they have star quality, a love of the heroic and a delight in being underestimated.” Limited overs cricket is tailor-made for the underdogs. Witness Zimbabwe’s stunning victory over Australia and India’s own upsets throughout the tournament.Even before the World Cup, Kapil or the ‘Haryana Hurricane’ as he has been dubbed by the cricketing press, had already inscribed his name in the record books (see box). But the record books will fail to record his contribution to India’s win which was as much a result of his inspiring leadership as his individual performance. Says Geoff Cook, his county captain at Northamptonshire: “I have not met many cricketers with his unbounding enthusiasm for the game and he has transmitted that to his team. He has sorted out the donkeys from the thoroughbreds.”But what of the future? India have proved that they are world beaters in one-day cricket -but with Prudential having opted out of sponsoring the World Cup, this could be the last one unless some other sponsor steps into the breach. There is already talk of hosting the World Cup elsewhere than England, which may not be practical. No other country has so many Test pitches and centres within a four-hour driving distance. Logistically, therefore, England remains the cricketers1 Mecca.Different Requirements: Without the World Cup, supremacy once again rests with the traditional five-day game and for that the requirement is vastly different. Gavaskar, despite his string of poor scores of late, is still an ideal opening bat. Srikkanth, on the other hand, with his penchant to go for the bowling immediately, may not fit the bill in a five-day series. Amarnath and Sharma are certainties; and Patil is of obvious class as a batsman. Vengsarkar is nearing the end of his career and it will be surprising if he finds a place in the team against the West Indies and Pakistan this winter. That leaves the middle order slightly vulnerable.Sandhu and Kapil are by far the best opening bowlers in the country at the moment. Madan Lai is still capable of heroic effort but his pace is appreciably slower and he too has not much mileage left to go. Shastri, so unsuited to one-day cricket, should find himself back in the side but will have to work much harder than he has done so far to get the nod. Kirti Azad’s chances have considerably brightened with his performance in the tournament but much will depend on how many bowlers Kapil will want.A second spinner is absolutely vital to Indian five-day cricket on Indian wickets and Azad is the best bet for that job. Binny who has been the real find of the series, has vastly improved as a player of all-round ability and should walk into the team quite effortlessly. Kirmani was given up for good after the West Indies tour earlier this year but has redeemed himself by his performance in the World Cup. He is, however, much slower in his reflexes but still the best wicketkeeper around in the country.Odds are that India will stick to the time-honoured tenet of cricket that one does not change a winning side. Kapil has worked hard to forge the eleven into a formidable force and will hardly like to introduce major changes at this stage.Heady Euphoria: But right now, nobody is really worrying too much about the future. The heady euphoria of India’s World Cup sensation is still very much in evidence and it will be some time before sobriety replaces that incredible high. Exactly 51 years after India’s entry into Test cricket, they have turned fantasy into reality. And returned considerably richer in the bargain.The team earned 20,000 for their victory; Britain-based industrialist Swraj Paul in a characteristically flamboyant gesture promised 2,500 to the team if they won; while Sandeep Patil, Yashpal Sharma, Kapil Dev, Roger Binny each earned 200 for winning Man of the Match awards, with Amarnath winning 1,000 for the two occasions on the semi-final and final when he won the award. In fact, six Man of the Match awards speaks volumes for the incredible team-work that structured India’s win.However, nobody is going to grudge the Indians their sudden wealth. No hero’s welcome awaits them since the team is only returning home briefly before some go to America while the rest, including Kapil, will continue their county commitments in England. But that, somehow, is in the fitness of things. This is a side that has no need of the fawning and hero-worshipping that surrounds an Indian cricket victory. For the first time in history, India has a team that is dedicated, highly professional and highly motivated. As Clive Lloyd said at the end of the finals: “Indian cricket has arrived. And it’s here to stay.last_img read more

Pankaj Advani wins his 20th World Title

first_imgAdvertisementRajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Padma Bhushan awardee Pankaj Advani clinched the IBSF billiards crown in the 150-up format for the third successive year at the Grand Mercure Hotel in Yangon. This victory takes his count of the total number of world titles to 20.Pankaj Advani won his 20th World Billiards Championship crown“This win is extremely special for me. It’s a perfect 20 and I’m glad that I’m still hungry for more. It’s pleasing to be able to play at a quality level over the years and looking to take this tally beyond a score,” said Pankaj Advani after winning his match against Nay Thway Oo of Myanmar in the final.In his route to the finals, Pankaj Advani broke two records. The first of which was by topping the group without dropping a single frame. In the entire tournament, he only dropped three frames- one against Dhwaj Haria in the quarterfinals and the rest two against Nay Thway Oo in the finals.Pankaj Advani won his first IBSF World Snooker Championship in 2003. Since then, he hasn’t loosen his grip and continues to remain a force to reckon with. The Sportsindiashow team wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.Advertisementlast_img read more


first_imgEmergency repairs are continuing in the intersection of 19th Street and Pierce Street in Sioux City.Engineering staff say repairs are being made to the existing storm sewer and sanitary sewer.The work is expected to continue into early to mid-December, weather permitting.It’s the latest of several intersections in the neighborhood to require repairs.Detours are in place directing traffic to Douglas Street and Nebraska Street around the work.last_img

Buffon: Italy must qualify for WC

first_imgItaly Italy must qualify for World Cup, urges Buffon Jamie Smith Last updated 2 years ago 02:29 10/26/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Gianluigi Buffon Getty Images Italy WC Qualification Europe Ahead of a two-legged play-off against Sweden in November, the legendary goalkeeper insists his country must be at the World Cup Gianluigi Buffon has stressed the importance of Italy qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, as the Azzurri prepare to face Sweden in a two-legged play-off clash.Italy 20/1 to win WCItaly missed out on automatic qualification after finishing behind Spain in Group G, while they were afforded arguably the toughest possible draw, with Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Greece their other potential opponents. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Gian Piero Ventura’s side travel to the Friends Arena for the first leg on November 10 before hosting the conclusion of the tie at the San Siro in Milan three days later.And while Buffon is expecting a stern test against Sweden, who were second in Group A behind France but finished above the Netherlands to earn a play-off place, the 39-year-old says the 2006 winners have to be in Russia.”It’s an important target for myself and for Italian football,” Buffon told FIFA’s website.”We must qualify for the next World Cup, for our football history and tradition. The play-off will be tough but we need to qualify.”Sweden is a difficult one. They play a high standard of football. They don’t give you any gifts on the pitch. You must achieve the win by suffering and by putting in your best effort, because if you are not in your best shape, you can easily lose.”I have great respect for them and am curious to see what it will be like to play against them.”Gianluigi Buffon Italy European QualifiersBuffon was named the Best FIFA Goalkeeper at Monday’s ceremony in London, beating Real Madrid’s Keylor Navas and Manuel Neuer of Bayern Munich to collect the honour.But Buffon — who intends to retire after the World Cup unless Juventus win the Champions League, one of the few honours he lacks in a glittering career — demurred when asked if he is the best goalkeeper of all time.Congratulations, Gianluigi Buffon!Winner of #TheBest FIFA Goalkeeper 2017  pic.twitter.com/GfWChRvEn2— #FIFAU17WC (@FIFAcom) October 23, 2017″I like the idea, but I am not the someone who can support that and celebrate myself,” Buffon added. “Everyone can choose the best — for someone I might be, for someone else I might not.”In my case the career and numbers of course tell a lot, but at this level facts are facts and words count for nothing.”When you are closer to the end of your career, of course you think about all of your achievements and records, and you realise the kind of player you are.”I’m proud of my 20-year career with the national team and hope to continue for a 21st season too. I think that it’s also extraordinary to play in one of the most important national teams for 21 years; maintaining a high standard of performance and staying strong mentally and physically for a long time. It’s not so common.”last_img read more

Dwayne Haskins Drops Cryptic Tweet After The Justin Fields News

first_imgDwayne Haskins after the TCU win.ARLINGTON, TX – SEPTEMBER 15: Dwayne Haskins #7 of the Ohio State Buckeyes walks off the field after beating the TCU Horned Frogs 40-28 during The AdvoCare Showdown at AT&T Stadium on September 15, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)The Ohio State Buckeyes got a huge boost on Friday morning when reports emerged that Georgia quarterback Justin Fields would be transferring to their school.While many Buckeyes fans are sure to be delighted by having the five-star prospect on their team, Ohio State starting quarterback Dwayne Haskins had a more cryptic response.Taking to Twitter, Haskins posted a thinking-face emoji shortly after the reports of Fields’ transfer came out.Haskins has reportedly been weighing whether to return to Ohio State for another year, or leave for the 2019 NFL Draft.?— Dwayne Haskins, Jr? (@dh_simba7) January 4, 2019In any event, Ohio State’s new head coach Ryan Day will have plenty of options at his disposal as far as the quarterback position is concerned.Quarterback Tate Martell is the presumptive starter going into next season in the event that Haskins leaves Ohio State.Haskins broke numerous Ohio State passing records en route to a Big Ten title win over Northwestern and a Rose Bowl win over Washington.last_img read more

Coldsmoke is the Coolest Apparel Brand You’ve Never Heard Of

first_imgWhen the idea for Coldsmoke first came to be, its founder was on a mountain peak in the backcountry of Whistler, Canada, being toured around by a legendary heli-ski guide. It was the morning after a huge three-foot snow dump — a perfect bluebird morning — when the guide described a phenomenon where fresh snow, sunlight, and wind combine to form clouds of sparkling powder that rise off the mountain like smoke.“The guide said ‘when the snow is perfect it’s coldsmoke,’” says Liam McAuliffe, Coldsmoke’s creative director. “This vision of perfection, when all these elements come together, was the spiritual inspiration. We take that metaphor and apply it to how we make gear.”And Coldsmoke gear is nothing short of perfect.Photo by Justin Kane Photo by Justin KaneFirst and foremost a technical apaprel brand, Coldsmoke began toeing the line into lifestyle simply by responding to its customers. “We live and are based in Venice Beach, [California], and people here are traveling all the time,” McAuliffe says “It’s technical apparel tailored to the urban environment. Different from your standard REI outdoor gear.”Coldsmoke balances technical and wearable. In fact, if McAuliffe could outfit any iconic man throughout history with Coldsmoke apparel, it would be Hunter S. Thompson. “I love that he was really intelligent and articulate, but also had a really free-spirited way of living and that way of living took him to really rugged parts of the world and into pretty manly and active activities.”Photo by Justin Kane Photo by Justin KaneThe brand opened its first shop in Venice Beach earlier this year. Alongside Coldsmoke apparel, the storefront offers handmade axes from Swedish heritage brand Hults Bruk, eyewear from revered Japanese makers Native Sons, sustainably harvested incense from Incausa smoulder, and American-made bags and accessories by Colfax Design Works.“There’s a synergy of quality — a complementary nature — to all of our goods. Each are special versions of whatever they are. It’s not just any axe; it’s an axe forged and founded in Sweden that has been around since the early 1600s,” McAuliffe says.Photo by Justin Kane Photo by Justin KaneEven the layout of the flagship store mimics this melding of function and form. Bathed in natural light, the space incorporates minimal modernist design elements with the traditional Japanese technique shou sugi ban, in which cedar wood is burned for both preservation and a unique color. Curated furniture from Milwood Design inspired by American artist Donald Judd outfit the floor, and ephemeral mountain landscapes from Italian photographer Walter Niedermayr take us to far-away places and inspire new adventures. Oh, hey, that coat would go perfect with that trip …Coldsmoke has redefined the production calendar based on its preference for Made In The USA apparel. “Having small-runs made here in America helps us be flexible to our customer requests,” explains McAuliffe. “We can literally go downtown the next week after releasing a jacket and add details or make changes. The time is cut down, meaning we have the power to design, produce, and release apparel in the same season.”So what is Coldsmoke doing with all that quick-to-customer power? Well, they’re not trying to distract with sparkle and shine just to sell another jacket. Instead, McAuliffe gets inspired by blending technical fibers with the most classic, long-worn fabrics of the apparel industry — like wool, for instance. “We update classics,” he adds, “using the good parts of these tried and true materials and then add tech.”This may result in a blend of traditional Japanese wool with 50-percent cashmere and Polartec Alpha (a fabric so advanced it was originally designed for U.S. Special Forces) in a style that pulls from classic Japanese and Scandinavian workwear.“Form follows function, but you don’t lose sight of form. You take the form that’s left and make it perfect,” says McAuliffe. “It’s craftsmanship, but also artisanship.”Venice Beach residents can visit Coldsmoke at 222 Main St.; everyone else can easily shop the lineup online.Feature image showcases the C-Change Fishtail Parka. 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know The Awake G7 Watch Makes Fishing Nets Fashionable and Sustainable WhistlePig Teams Up With Four Chefs on a New Whiskey Deep Sleep: The World’s Most Incredible Underwater Hotel Rooms 14 Best Outdoor Stores in the United States Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

South Korea Chooses China Consortium to Lift Sewol Ferry

first_imgzoom South Korea has chosen a consortium led by China’s state-run Shanghai Salvage Co. as the preferred bidder to raise the Sewol passenger ferry which sank off Jindo Island on April 16, 2014, the country’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) said in a statement.The consortium of Shanghai Salvage and an unnamed South Korean company beat six other consortia competing for the contract.The 6,825-ton ferry sank in 44 meters of water, killing 304 people, 250 of whom were high school students.MOF said that the selection process focused mostly on the bidders’ ability to safely raise the ferry without any further damages to the ship, which is believed to hold the bodies of the last nine passengers still unaccounted for.The salvage operations are expected to start in September. Once started, the salvage is expected to last for about one year. MOF initially estimated the salvage costs to be around USD 139 million, however, Shanghai Salvage reportedly offered to raise the ferry for around USD 75 million.China Yantai Salvage has been selected as a back-up should further negotiations with Shanghai Salvage fail, MOF said.South Korea announced plans to salvage the sunken ferry back in April, following public protests that marked the first anniversary of the tragedy, and increasing demands from the families of the victims for the ferry to be raised.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Man accused of killing 4 people in Fredericton shooting spree returns to

first_imgFREDERICTON — A New Brunswick man accused of murdering four people, including two police officers, in a shooting spree last August was back in a Fredericton courtroom Friday.Matthew Raymond is charged with the first-degree murders of Fredericton police constables Sara Burns and Robb Costello and civilians Donnie Robichaud and Bobbie Lee Wright.Friday’s appearance was for a pre-trial conference to allow the lawyers and judges to address any issues in advance of trial, however there is a ban on publication of details.Raymond sat quietly in the courtroom Friday. He has a greying beard and wore orange, jail-issued clothing.A voir dire, or hearing to deal with the admissibility of evidence at trial, is scheduled to begin June 17.Eight weeks have been set aside for the trial in the Court of Queen’s Bench starting Sept. 30.Justice Fred Ferguson said Raymond won’t enter a plea until he appears before a jury.Ferguson said findings of an assessment to determine if Raymond can be found criminally responsible for what happened will remain sealed.The 48-year-old Raymond was previously found fit to stand trial.The Crown took the case to the Court of Queens Bench with a direct indictment, which means there will be no preliminary hearing.Raymond is accused of firing a long gun from his apartment window, killing the two civilians as they loaded a car for a trip on Aug. 10. Police allege Raymond shot the two officers as they responded to the scene.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Iceland Prime Minister Receives Polisario Leader

Rabat – A three-member delegation from the Polisario Front paid a working visit to Reykjavik, Iceland, on Wednesday, April 3. The move comes as the self-proclaimed Sahrawi government seeks a broader support base for its self-determination claims in Western Sahara.According to articles in pro-Polisario outlets, the delegation, which was headed by Brahim Ghali, the president of the self-styled Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), met Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir to give her a letter of friendship and cooperation.In the letter, Ghali reportedly requested support from Iceland for the front’s struggle for the “decolonization” of Western Sahara. In response, Prime Minister Jakobsdottir “expressed her government’s interest in Western Sahara,” according to Polisario-owned Sahara Press Service.The Icelandic prime minister, the newspaper added, said that her country was closely following the Western Sahara territorial dispute and was “committed to settlement efforts, in line with the UN resolutions and Charter.”Read Also: UN Draft Report on Western Sahara Addresses Polisario ViolationsIn addition to discussing the ongoing UN-led process spearheaded by Horst Kohler, Jakobsdottir and her Polisario guests spoke about recent “decolonization efforts,” according to Sahara Press Service.The separatist delegation sought to use the meeting as an opportunity to convince the Nordic state, which has not recognized SADR as a state, to join its base of supporters.The group particularly lambasted the human rights record in Western Sahara, which, they told the Icelandic prime minister, are due to Morocco’s heavy-handed and restrictive rule on the territory.The Polisario delegation allegedly fumed at the EU-Morocco agriculture and fisheries deals, telling Jakobsdottir that Brussels went ahead in renewing its commitment to Morocco in spite of evidence about Rabat’s “imposed rule” on Sahrawi locals.At the end of the meeting, the Polisario delegation thanked their host, promising the separatist front’s “desire to reinforce friendly ties and bilateral relations” with Iceland.Morocco’s increasing hopeMorocco has traditionally lashed out at perceived partner countries that welcome Polisario envoys and give them a platform to express their separatist claims.But whether Rabat rebukes Iceland remains to be seen. The North African country has recently been busy sharpening its US and Africa-oriented public relations to secure support to discredit pro-Polisario narratives.In the meantime, Rabat has shown signs of satisfaction with the ongoing UN-led process in Western Sahara.At the end of the latest Geneva roundtable on Western Sahara, foreign minister Nasser Bourita, who headed the Moroccan delegation at the Geneva meeting, said that the international community is gradually waking up to the “historical truth” that self-determination and referendum are illusory and unfeasible in the Sahara context.Urging pragmatism from other stakeholders in the dispute, Bourita argued that the latest UN requirements for a negotiated settlement are increasingly in tune with Morocco’s 2007 Autonomy Plan.Rather than a referendum on self-determination, the UN is now pushing for a compromise-based political dialogue to broker a mutually acceptable solution, a position closer to Morocco’s, Bourita pointed out. read more

Security Council Libyan trials could be Nuremberg moment ICC prosecutor says

“By conducting fair, just, and transparent judicial proceedings for all alleged perpetrators, while also continuing to respect the ICC judicial process, Libya can set a lasting example for other States,” Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, told the Security Council during an opening meeting this morning. She later stressed that “these trials can be Libya’s Nuremberg moment, one that will endeavour to seal the primacy of the rule of law, due process and human rights for future generations,” she said, referring to the tribunals that nearly 70 years ago prosecuted prominent members of the political and military leadership of Nazi Germany.Ms. Bensouda said her office was aware of “serious crimes” committed by former Qadhafi officials, some of who are outside of Libya, and that her office’s mandate “is still essential to ending impunity in Libya.” “We are currently engaged in the process of documenting the most serious of those crimes and documenting the current activities of those officials who were most responsible for them,” Ms. Bensouda noted.Libya has been undergoing a transition toward a modern democratic State after decades of autocratic rule and toppling of the regime of Muammar al-Qadhafi. Colonel Qadhafi ruled the North African country for more than 40 years until a pro-democracy uprising in 2011 – similar to the protests in other countries in the Middle East and North Africa – led to civil war and the end of his regime.Ms. Bensouda said that the office also “continues to be concerned” about allegations of crimes committed by rebel forces, including the expulsion of residents of Tawergha, who have been unable to return home and ongoing alleged persecution of ethnic groups perceived to have been affiliated with the former regime.In her remarks to the Council, Ms. Bensouda noted the cases against Saif Al-Islam Qadhafi, son of the former leader, and Abdullah Al-Senussi, a former senior intelligence official. Mr. Qadhafi has been indicted by the ICC in relation to attacks against protesters and rebels during the 2011 uprising.Among the mains legal issues in the case is where the men, who are in Libya, should be tried. The Rome Statue gives primary responsibility to national institutions to investigate and prosecute such crimes, with the ICC – which is not part of the UN system but has a relationship with the Organization – intervening only if they are inactive or otherwise unwilling or unable to do so genuinely. Ms. Bensouda said investigations in both cases have been suspended in accordance with the Rome Statue and it is now up to the Chamber to decide. She added that it was “commendable” that Libya invoked its rights through a judicial process which demonstrates “full understanding of the difference between the Council’s political mandate and the ICC’s judicial mandate, even where this Council has referred the situation to the ICC.”She also noted that “what happens with Libya’s perpetrators is a page in the history books of international justice, no matter where those investigations and prosecutions take place.” Ms. Bensouda recently met with new Libyan Prosecutor-General, Abdel Qader Radwan, and the Libyan ICC Focal Point, Ahmed El Gehani, who travelled to The Hague. “These preliminary positive discussions illustrate the willingness of my Office and the Government of Libya to cooperatively work together in furthering investigations that could lead to the arrest and surrender of alleged perpetrators, both inside and outside of Libya,” she told the Council. Ms. Bensouda, who said she plans “soon” to travel to Libya, stressed the importance of cooperation between her office and the Government “to realize a comprehensive strategy for justice” particularly following its first democratic election in more than four decades, the installation of a new government last November, and the appointment of a new Prosecutor General last month. read more

UConn Just Got A Shortcut On Their Road To Perfection

The University of Connecticut Huskies are good at the basketball. After beating Oregon handily Monday night, UConn’s win streak now stands at 111 games and they’re headed back to the Final Four. Since we’ve pretty much run out of sports comparisons for a streak this epic, note that UConn now has one win for every year of Bilbo Baggins’s life when he finally gave up the One Ring and left the Shire (and they barely look 50!).More importantly, UConn’s road to a fifth straight championship got a lot less interesting than it was before the Elite Eight. Rival Notre Dame is gone, beaten by Stanford. And so is Baylor, the other powerhouse in the tournament, following an amazing upset by Mississippi State. Bulldogs point guard Morgan William had the game of her life, hitting six of eight 3-pointers, while gathering 41 points and 7 assists with no turnovers to help down the Lady Bears.But let’s face it: Baylor losing has likely ruined any suspense left in this tournament. There’s still a chance that the Huskies will get upset by one of their two remaining opponents, but it’s not likely. Stanford, whom UConn could face in the finals, is the last team to beat them — 862 days ago. South Carolina, the Huskies’ other potential title opponent, played them close in February, losing by only 11. But Baylor looked like it might have had the best chance of beating UConn of any team in years.And Mississippi State, whom UConn will face next in the Final Four, let’s see … these teams faced each other in the Sweet 16 last year, and it went like so: UConn has been slightly less efficient on both offense and defense. As a result, the Huskies have beaten their opponents by only 45 points per 100 possessions this season, down from around 55 points per 100 last season. So if Mississippi State was close to 10 points worse than the Huskies last year, it might be within striking distance now. But 60 points worse than the Huskies …Regardless, FiveThirtyEight’s March Madness prediction model (which does not account for “oh my God, did you see how badly they got crushed last year?”) gives UConn an 87 percent chance of beating Mississippi State and an 85 percent chance of beating whoever they play after that. Good luck.Check out our March Madness predictions. This is the proverbial 60-point game that wasn’t even that close. UConn led 61-12 at the half and scored more points in the first 12 minutes and 14 seconds than Mississippi State would score in the whole game. But here’s the important part: This year’s Bulldogs squad is almost exactly the same team. All but one of the players Mississippi State put on the floor against Baylor (including all five starters) played in last year’s ignominious UConn defeat.UConn, of course, is a different team. Having lost three top players to the top three slots in the WNBA draft, they’ve declined precipitously from a year ago. And by “precipitously,” I mean like so: read more

TRANSFER BOMB Nikolaj Markussen to PICK Szeged

Spanish coach Juan Pastor is doing a great job in Hungarian runners-up Pick Szeged. EHF Cup trophy last season, obviously isn’t enough for ambitious team, eternal rival of MKB MVM Veszprem, as Szeged have great expectations in current EHF Champions League campaing, in which Hungarians have 6-1 score and ensured second place in the Group D behind Polish Vive Tauron Kielce. PICK will try to reinforce their squad before the start of the second part of the season with Danish gunner, left back Nikolaj Markussen. A 26 years old left back has to come to Hungary after World Championship 2015 in Qatar, finds out Handball-Planet.com.That won’t be the first time for 211 cm tall Dane to leave some team in the middle of the season. He left BM Atletico Madrid in direction Qatar (El Jaish) after EHF CL TOP 16 matches in season 2012/2013.He is currently member of the Danish Skjern, but his contract coming to the end next June. Rumours speaking that Danish team will let him to join Hungarians with some compensation. ← Previous Story Kielce and Szeged secure TOP places Next Story → 116 TEAMS STILL IN EUROCUPS: Who will take first German scalp? Nikolaj MarkussenPick Szeged read more

Political parties received €55 million in State funding last year

first_imgThe funding is not subject to income tax and may not be used for electoral or referendum purposes.The reports on the funding show that Fine Gael spent €880,000 on refurbishment of their Mount Street headquarters.The two coalition parties are miles apart on spending on the coordination of their local branches, with Fine Gael spending €470,000 to Labour’s €11,000.Labour, however spend more on promoting the participation of women.Read: Report shows independent TDs get less state funding NEW FIGURES SHOW that registered political parties received nearly €13 million in State funding last year.The figures, released today by the Standards in Public Office Commission (SiPO), show that Fine Gael led the way in money received, drawing over €2.2 million from State coffers. TheThe money was paid to the parties under the Electoral Acts. SiPO plays no role in allocating the money, but supervises its expenditure.Four parties (Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Sinn Féin and the Labour Party) received total funding of €5.5 million under the Electoral Acts with no increases or decreases to the fund in 2012.The payment is based on Oireachtas representation, with Labour receiving €1.2 million, Fianna Fáil €1.1 million and Sinn Féin €720,000.last_img read more

Booster Ball le parapluie qui recharge votre smartphone

first_imgBooster Ball : le parapluie qui recharge votre smartphoneDoté de panneaux solaires, de LED et d’un amplificateur de signal 3G, le parapluie Booster Broll pourrait séduire les fans de gadgets utiles.Créé par Vodafone dans le cadre des Jeux olympiques de Londres 2012, le parapluie Booster Broll pourrait bien trouver aussi son utilité hors stades. Équipé de 12 panneaux photovoltaïques flexibles inclus dans le tissu, il permet de recharger votre smartphone grâce à l’énergie solaire stockée dans une petite batterie USB. Mais ce n’est pas tout, il sert également d’amplificateur de signal 3G, pour pouvoir surfer en toute tranquillité et bénéficier d’une meilleure qualité de signal. Pour finir, il est équipé de LED qui offre un éclairage d’appoint. Pour le moment, le Booster Broll est encore en phase de conception, et un prototype sera testé ce week-end, au festival de musique de l’île de Wight. Nul doute qu’il est d’ores et déjà promis à un beau succès.Le 18 juin 2012 à 19:30 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Emil Forsberg proud of Sweden reaching quarterfinals

first_imgEmil Forsberg, the new Sweden star, carried his side to the quarter-finals, as he scored the only goal of the match against Switzerland (1-0).Forsberg’s decided the future of both sides when he scored the winning goal at the 66th-minute, in St Petersburg. At the post-match press conference, the 26-year-old revealed how happy he was for advancing with his teammates in the tournament.“It just means so much to me that we managed to win again in such an extraordinary way. We didn’t give Switzerland many chances at all”, Forsberg sais as stated in BT Sport.Victor Lindelof, SwedenEuro 2020 qualifiers round up from group F George Patchias – September 6, 2019 Euro 2020 qualifying Group F saw Scandinavian neighbours Sweden and Norway keep the race for the groups second automatic qualifying spot alive.Spain had already…“To see what we’re achieving together, it just brings tears to my eyes and makes me so proud. It is pushing us on to want to achieve more.”Many favorite teams, as Spain, Portugal and Germany, have already been eliminated from the tournament. Sweden has come further than some were expecting.“If we get everything right, we know we can be really good both in defence and attack. We’re in the quarter-finals now and that’s proof that we’re doing something very well”, Forsberg concluded.last_img read more

Neymar has called Barcelona five times to return

first_imgBrazil forward Neymar is desperate for a return to Barcelona after reports emerged that the PSG star has been making calls to Camp Nou.Neymar joined Paris Saint Germain in 2017 in a record deal but it appears the decision is something the Brazilian has grown to regret and he has called five times to rejoin his former team, Barcelona.Neymar is desperate to return to the Catalan side and the player’s father has made direct contact with Barcelona President Josep Maria pleading for the club to make a bid for his son.“He is disappointed and sorry”” El Mundo quotes  the player’s father speaking to Barcelona president, according to Marca.Opinion: Neymar needs to apologize to PSG’s supporters Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After such a dramatic summer during the transfer window, Neymar truly needs to apologize to all the PSG supporters this weekend.When Neymar finished last…The player also believes that the French side lack a sporting project.Neymar joined Paris Saint Germain in a controversial 222 million euro transfer in 2017 and has become fan’s favourite although not without some issues with some players.It was earlier reported of a fallout with Cavani after a disagreement over the team’s spot kick taker.last_img read more

Nissan to launch handsoff ProPilot 20 driverassistance in Japan

first_img 0 Share your voice Preview • Dive deep into drive modes in the new Infiniti Q50 2019 Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition first drive: Its roots are showing 2019 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400: The elder-statesman sports sedan More about 2016 Infiniti Q50 4dr Sdn 3.0t Sport AWD 2019 Infiniti Q60 review: Can power top subpar tech? Enlarge ImageProPilot 2.0 allows for hands-free driving on the highway. Nissan Nissan is launching a more advanced driver-assistance feature in Japan that will allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel during certain highway-driving situations, the company announced Thursday. Nissan ProPilot 2.0 will be introduced on the Japanese-market Skyline this fall. It’s described as for “on-ramp to off-ramp” highway driving.The technology is much more advanced than the existing ProPilot Assist feature offered on some Nissan models, which still requires the driver keep his or her hands on the wheel. ProPilot 2.0, however, will allow hands-free driving in certain situations on divided-access highways. The driver must set a route in the navigation system and will be prompted to engage the system when it’s available.When active, ProPilot 2.0 will handle steering, braking and accelerating. A camera mounted on the dashboard monitors the driver to ensure he or she is still paying attention to the road. That’s similar to the driver-attention monitors used with Cadillac Super Cruise and BMW’s latest assisted-driving features.ProPilot 2.0 can even change lanes to pass a slower-moving car. The system will prompt the driver to put their hands back on the wheel, then the system will automatically execute the lane-change, pass the other car and return to the previous lane.Nissan ProPilot 2.0Enlarge ImageA driver-monitoring system ensures the driver’s attention remains on the road, even in hands-off driving mode. Nissan As with all driver-assistance features like this, Nissan emphasizes that ProPilot 2.0 can only operate in certain, safe situations. For instance, it won’t work around toll booths or exit ramps; the driver will be prompted to take over in those cases.ProPilot 2.0 uses a variety of sensors including cameras, radar and high-definition maps. Drivers get audible and visual cues on the instrument cluster when the system is able to take control and when the driver needs to retake control of the car.Because the Nissan Skyline is sold in the US as the Infiniti Q50, it’s possible that the Q50 might get this technology at some point in the future. ProPilot Assist, for instance, launched in Japan before coming to the US. However, an Infiniti spokesperson in the US declined to comment on the announcement, saying via email that, “we haven’t made any official announcements about future product or technology.” 2019 Infiniti Q50 review: Aged, but with youthful charmcenter_img 67 Photos Tags Luxury cars Auto Tech Sedans More From Roadshow Nissan Infiniti Post a comment Nissanlast_img read more

Researchers discover secret of weevil diamondlike coat

first_imgEntimus imperialis. Image: René Limoges, Insectarium de Montréal New scientific research reveals diamonds aren’t forever © 2011 PhysOrg.com Scanning electron microscopy of single scales of E. imperialis. (a) A single, intact scale. The upper side of the scale consists of a set of more or less parallel furrows (scale bar: 20 µm). (b) SEM image of a cross-section showing tilted sheets with hexagonal symmetry (scale bar: 2 µm). Image (c) J. R. Soc. Interface, doi:10.1098/​rsif.2011.0730 Citation: Researchers discover secret of weevil diamond-like coat (2011, December 22) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-12-secret-weevil-diamond-like-coat.html Explore further Journal information: Journal of the Royal Society Interfacecenter_img (PhysOrg.com) — The diamond weevil (Entimus imperialis), also called sometimes as the Australian weevil, is a bug known throughout Australia as a pest, (another close relative resides in South America) as are most weevils in other parts of the world. What sets the diamond weevil apart though is its interesting appearance. Though they have a longer snout than most weevils, which allows them to embed their eggs deeply into plant chambers, that’s not what go them their name; instead, it’s the remarkable coat they seem to wear on their backs. It’s all black save for the rows of pits filled with what look like little diamonds. And not only do they look like diamonds, they act like them too, dazzling onlookers by reflecting light in a brilliant display of color that is eerily reminiscent of jewelry worn by us humans. But of course, they aren’t real diamonds, that would require pressuring carbon to a very high degree. Instead a team of European researchers have found, as they describe in their paper published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, that the diamonds on the weevil’s backs are in fact made of chitin, arranged in a diamond type arrangement. More information: Hemispherical Brillouin zone imaging of a diamond-type biological photonic crystal, J. R. Soc. Interface, Published online before print December 21, 2011, doi: 10.1098/​rsif.2011.0730AbstractThe brilliant structural body colours of many animals are created by three-dimensional biological photonic crystals that act as wavelength-specific reflectors. Here, we report a study on the vividly coloured scales of the diamond weevil, Entimus imperialis. Electron microscopy identified the chitin and air assemblies inside the scales as domains of a single-network diamond (Fd3m) photonic crystal. We visualized the topology of the first Brillouin zone (FBZ) by imaging scatterometry, and we reconstructed the complete photonic band structure diagram (PBSD) of the chitinous photonic crystal from reflectance spectra. Comparison with calculated PBSDs indeed showed a perfect overlap. The unique method of non-invasive hemispherical imaging of the FBZ provides key insights for the investigation of photonic crystals in the visible wavelength range. The characterized extremely large biophotonic nanostructures of E. imperialis are structurally optimized for high reflectance and may thus be well suited for use as a template for producing novel photonic devices, e.g. through biomimicry or direct infiltration from dielectric material.via Wired Researchers and various other people have been puzzled for years as to how the diamond weevil manages to produce a coat that sparkles as well as any real diamond, but until recently, lacked the technology necessary to uncover the secret.Now, using electron microscopy, this team discovered that the diamond-like material is actually made of nothing more than chitin, a long polymer derivative of glucose. Its most commonly found in anthropoids, mollusks and crustaceans as well as in a variety of insects. In this case, the diamond weevil. In most other animals, chitin appears as a dull whitish material, and is used by those higher up the evolutionary chain as an ingredient in medical and industrial products. In diamond weevils, it’s the way the material that is arranged that is different. For some as yet to be discovered reason, the gems in their coats are crystal structured in the same way as real diamonds, i.e. as photonic crystals.Turns out, each little “gem” has crystal scales on it, each of which reflect a different wavelength of light at a different angle, producing the sparkling effect.Now that the little bug’s secret has been revealed, other researchers will no doubt be looking into whether such gems might be made artificially and if so, if there might be any good use for them. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Balurghat households get piped water connection

first_imgBalurghat: Balurghat municipality started the process of providing water connections to households from Friday.The officials and engineers along with technicians reached a house in Collegepara and began the initiative. It has been decided that the water connectivity will be given on application basis. An individual has to submit a specific application form with all necessary information sought by the authority. One has to pay Rs 5,000 for the general category and Rs 3,000 for the BPL category. According to a municipal source, around 1480 application forms have been submitted till now. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseThere are about 20,440 households covering all 25 wards, said project engineer Chiradeep Das. “Our plan is to provide new connections to households. We have started providing water connections from Friday. This has been a continuous process. On the basis of application, the connectivity will be provided after inspection by experts. We have been instructed to gear up the entire process,” Das said. The entire water distribution system of the town has been revamped and it includes providing separate storage tanks with water meters. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataOld pipes have been repaired at selected places. As per the scheme, about 18.25 million litres of water is required daily. The construction of four reservoirs has been completed. A modern water treatment plant has been setup at Hosseinpur with all necessary arrangements. Water from river Atreyee will be stored in Khidirpur and will be sent through pipelines to the water treatment plant for sedimentation, filtering and chemical disinfection. Later, the purified water will be stored in four reservoirs ready for distribution to the households. The piped drinking water connection has been a longstanding demand of the inhabitants. The sub-divisional magistrate and administrator of Balurghat municipality, Isha Mukherjee, said: “We have started providing household connections. As water and life are correlated, chief minister has stressed on providing purified water to all state residents. Funds have been sanctioned and sent to the state urban development agency.” “We need to dig up roads for household water connectivity. We know the secondary examination has been going on and higher-secondary exam is about to start. Our target is not to disturb the examinees. We will speed the rest of work once the examinations are over. The applicants will deposit the amount either by cash or online. We have tied up with a bank to ensure the process is glitch-free,” Mukherjee said. She further said the department required electro-mechanical engineers for maintenance.last_img read more

Mozilla needs to adjust new review process for Firefox addons

first_imgMozilla needs to adjust new review process for Firefox add-ons by Martin Brinkmann on October 03, 2017 in Firefox – 14 commentsMozilla switched to a new Firefox add-ons review system recently which reduces the time it takes before extensions are listed on Mozilla AMO (the official Firefox add-ons store).Firefox add-ons are scanned automatically when developers upload them, and when the add-ons pass the checks, are published on the website.Mozilla employees and volunteers will continue to review all add-ons and add-on updates manually, but that happens after the publication of the add-on.This means that there is a period of time in which add-ons are available for download and installation, or automatic update, in which they have only been vetted by automation.A first batch of add-ons with mining scripts included was detected and reported recently. These add-ons were publicly available on Mozilla AMO, and have since been removed by Mozilla.The add-ons in this case revealed the integration of mining scripts in the description, and that made detection relatively easy.Mozilla’s system is still better than that of Google Chrome, as Google does not manually review extensions for Chrome unless they are flagged for review.The past years have shown that automation is not enough when it comes to protecting Chrome users from malicious, spying or otherwise problematic browser extensions. It seems likely, and the mining script extensions seem to confirm that, that Mozilla’s automated system won’t be 100% bulletproof either.Incidents like this one paint the new WebExtensions system in a bad light, considering that it was advertised as being safer than the previous system. This is the case, as legacy add-ons could have done much worse if Mozilla would have implemented an automatic system back then already.Here is what I think needs to be done to adjust the system:Mozilla needs to mark extensions that have not been reviewed manually. There is no distinction currently between add-ons that have been reviewed manually, and those that were reviewed automatically only up to that point.Firefox needs an option to block extension updates unless they have been reviewed manually.Other options that Mozilla may want to consider include limiting the exposure of extensions that have been reviewed automatically only, or whitelisting very popular extensions from trusted developers only.Closing WordsIt seems highly unlikely that Mozilla will return to the manual review process for all extensions. While I would love to see that happen, as it is a big advantage over how Google handles things, I cannot see that happening.Chrome is painted in a bad light time and time again when extensions manage to slip by the Store’s automatic detection system, and it looks as if Firefox is heading the same way in this regard, maybe with faster responses to these incidents.Now You: How would you handle this?SummaryArticle NameMozilla needs to adjust new review process for Firefox add-onsDescriptionMozilla switched to a new Firefox add-ons review system recently which reduces the time it takes before extensions are listed on Mozilla AMO.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more