Divers continue search for Elledge Friday

first_imgDivers continue searching the Lamine River in Cooper County for a missing Columbia woman on Friday.Police say they’re confident they’re searching in the right place for Mengqi Ji Elledge. They’ve been in that part of the river near Highway 41 this week since Tuesday.Mengqi has not been seen in nearly two months. Prosecutors say her husband is the prime suspect, but they have not charged him over her disappearance yet.Joseph Elledge is in jail, but it’s on charges he abused the couple’s one-year-old daughter.last_img

Ransomware in Healthcare: 21 Preventative Steps You Can Take

first_imgRansomwareOpens in a new window has reached headlines lately with several healthcare organizations globally falling victim, as seen in As Ransomware Crisis Explodes, Hollywood Hospital Coughs Up $17,000 In Bitcoin. Breaches are top of mind in healthcare as far as security and privacy, and within many types of breaches ransomware is the highest priority across most healthcare organizations I have worked with over the last six months.Compliance with regulations, laws and standards is important, but increasingly organizations realize they need to go well beyond basic regulatory compliance to effectively mitigate risk of breaches, and they are motivated up to the board level with the strong desire to not be the next breach or ransomware victim and headline.While most security concerns to date have revolved around breaches of confidentiality, or unauthorized access to patient information, ransomware is not a breach of confidentiality, but rather of availability. In security speak, “availability” is timely and reliable access to patient information. Ransomware prevents access to patient information by encrypting this information and withholding the decryption key until a ransom is paid. Exacerbating this, paying a ransom is no guarantee of provision of the decryption key.As we have seen, this can compromise mission critical services to where hospitals need to turn patients away. Healthcare is particularly vulnerable to this type of breach because they are generally lagging other verticals in security, and have a very low tolerance for disruption. I suspect this problem is a lot worse than most people realize because many ransomware infections go unreported, as many countries lack breach notification rules, or those rules cover compromise to confidentiality, but not availability as in the case of ransomware.A real danger in securing against this type of breach is the tendency to gravitate to one particular safeguard, such as backup and restore, which while important is just one of many things you can do to secure yourself against ransomware. In this blog, I explore several different safeguards you should consider as part of your holistic, multi-layered, defense-in-depth approach in securing against ransomware. None of these alone is a panacea. Together they represent a very effective, holistic, multi-layered, defense-in-depth security posture against ransomware.Policy: ransomware often starts with employee actions and mistakes. Examples include clicking malicious links in emails or websites, opening email attachments, plugging in malware infected removable storage devices such as USB keys and so forth. Policy governs employee actions. Is your policy accurate, complete and up to date, especially as it pertains to employee actions that can lead to ransomware infections?Audit and Compliance: policy is a critical foundation of your security practice. To ensure employees are following it you need audit and compliance, in particular to ensure employee compliance with policy in the areas that could lead to ransomware infection.Risk Assessment: risk assessment is a key tool to identify risks to confidentiality, integrity and availability of patient information, including for risks such as ransomware. You can prioritize risks by impact and probability of occurrence, triage the top risks and address them through application of safeguards. The business impact of ransomware goes well beyond the ransom that may be paid since it can disrupt your mission critical business systems and processes and effectively halt your business.Anti-malware: having a good anti-malware solution installed on all endpoints, updated and effective is key in detection and remediation, for example quarantine, of malware including ransomware. You will not catch all ransomware this way, but many, especially older variants, will be caught.User Awareness Training: most ransomware infections start with employee actions. Training can help employees detect and avoid actions that could lead to infections. Again, not a perfect safeguard, but important in your overall anti-ransomware defense. Spear phishing training is particularly important to include in your overall training program.Email Gateway: email is a key ransomware infection vector, with spear phishing emails containing malicious links coaxing employees to click them, in which case a drive-by-download and infection of ransomware can result. Your email gateway can oversee emails and detect and block many of these.Web Gateway: web browsing (and clicking) is another key infection vector, with employees visiting websites and inadvertently clicking on malicious links that cause ransomware infections, again by drive-by-downloads. A good web gateway can detect many such websites, and help block these types of infections.Vulnerability Management and Patching: vulnerable devices and software create openings for malware and ransomware infections. A good vulnerability management program can identify vulnerabilities, for example in old, unpatched, or misconfigured software, and proactively remediate such vulnerabilities to block ransomware.Security Incident Response Plan: in the event of an infection such as ransomware, how your organization responds is key to faster resolution and minimizing business impact. Having a good, tested plan that employees can execute to quickly and efficiently, with good coordination, is key to enabling this. This plan should include PR and communications for breach notification if needed.Backup and Restore: currently the “safeguard du jour” for ransomware, backup and restore is critical. Have it, use it (everywhere you have data), test it (test restore regularly), and make sure it is versioned, and some versions air-gapped with offline backup archives. Ransomware may get into your backups too, depending on when it occurs in your backup cycle, and how quickly you detect it and stop it, but if you have versioning and / or an air-gapped backup then you will have a workable backup version to restore. Keep in mind this is not a panacea though, since rolling back to a previous backup version effectively undoes updates since then, and missing patient information updates can translate into direct risks to patient safety and business impact. This is why backup and restore is necessary but not sufficient. It is far preferable to avoid ransomware in the first place.Device Control: this is the ability to enforce policy regarding removable storage. For example if an employee plugs in a ransomware infected removable storage device such as a USB key, this safeguard can enforce policy preventing ransomware jumping from the device to your IT network.Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning: as seen in FBI raises alarm over ransomware targeting U.S. businesses ransomware can enter your network through vulnerable or unpatched software, especially software facing the external Internet. Proactive penetration testing such external facing applications and interfaces to identify and remediate such vulnerabilities is key to mitigating risk of this type of ransomware infection.Endpoint DLP: Data Loss Prevention software running on endpoint devices can enforce policy and help prevent user actions that can lead to malware infections such as ransomware.Network Segmentation: segmenting your network can help quarantine or localize any malware infections to prevent propagation across your network. This can limit the extent of infection, lessening business impact, and enabling faster resolution.Network IPS: a network Intrusion Prevention System can monitor network traffic to detect and prevent malicious activity, such as that which could lead to a ransomware infection.Whitelisting: useful on endpoint devices, whitelisting limits which applications can execute to a small list of approved applications. If ransomware was to get onto a machine with whitelisting it would be benign on that machine since it is not on the approved list of applications and therefore blocked from executing, and therefore unable to encrypt any patient information. This type of safeguard can be particularly useful on medical devices that don’t get patched or updated frequently.Network DLP: this type of DLP runs on a network and can enforce policy, including detection and prevention of network interactions and traffic that could lead to ransomware infection.Digital Forensics: in the event of an infection, digital forensics can help identify the type of ransomware, the extent of infection, and how it occurred, which are key to reducing business impact, and preventing future infections.SIEM: Security Information and Event Management can help provide realtime analysis of security alerts from across your applications and network, enabling faster detection and remediation of ransomware.Threat Intelligence Exchange: this can enable realtime exchange of threat information between safeguards in your network, and a global threat intelligence backbone from your security provider(s), helping orchestrate defense against ransomware. This is a critical part of the “immune response” of your organization to ransomware, which will help stop it and kill it as fast as possible.Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: as we have seen some recent high profile ransomware infections have essentially shutdown the information technology systems of healthcare organizations, crippling mission critical business processes to the point where they had to send patients elsewhere. Having a good BC / DR capability with mirroring of data and hot standby can be helpful in keeping mission critical systems going while remediation is occurring. The effectiveness of this safeguard against ransomware depends on ransomware not propagating to your hot standby system, as can be prevented by various safeguards discussed previously.No organization wants to be “at the back of the herd” or “low hanging fruit” for attacks such as ransomware. It has been difficult in the past for healthcare organizations to measure or benchmark their breach security against the rest of the healthcare industry. It is one thing having a gap in your safeguards if everyone else has that gap. However, if you have a gap and most others don’t then you could be relatively vulnerable.Intel Health and Life Sciences and several industry partners are currently conducting complementary, confidential breach security assessments for provider, payer, pharma and life sciences organizations globally. Through this one hour engagement healthcare organizations are able to benchmark their breach security across 42 safeguard capabilities and 8 different types of breaches, including ransomware, against the rest of the industry to see what percentile they are in terms of readiness, and gaps and opportunities for improvement they may have.last_img read more

Cruise the Crystal-Clear Indian Ocean Aboard Norma, an Azimut Flybridge 66 Yacht

first_img 6 Fastest Cars in the World Right Now There is no better signifier of wealth and luxury than owning one’s own yacht. Unfortunately, most of us plebes laboring for salaries under $100,000 a year know we’ll never so much as set foot on a private yacht, let alone be able to charter one for a spin around the impossibly blue waters of the Maldives. However, if you happen to find yourself among the good people at The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort, they may beg to differ — this year will see the launch of the St. Regis’ new Azimut Flybridge 66 Yacht, the Norma. Editors’ Recommendations Norma is a nod to St. Regis’ founder, John Jacob Astor IV, who purchased the largest private yacht in the world at that time and named it Nourmahal after the princess heroine in Thomas Moore’s poem “Light of Harem.” Astor would later go on to shorten the name to just Norma, before the original boat was passed on to his son and then loaned to the U.S. Navy for World World I. Now, with St. Regis’ new Norma, guests who have managed to score a stay at the Maldivan resort can charter the yacht by the hour, by the day, or overnight. With three passenger cabins aboard, the Norma is perfect for a multi-generational family vacation or a honeymoon adventure. The Best Campgrounds Near Major U.S. Cities Deep Sleep: The World’s Most Incredible Underwater Hotel Rooms Available with a starting rate of $1,950 an hour (which is not cheap by any means, but also not disastrously expensive when you consider you’re renting out an entirely private Azimut Flybridge 66 yacht), the Norma offers guests the rare opportunity to sail and explore the islets and pristine beaches of the Maldives, a country made up of 26 astonishingly beautiful atolls spread out over 100 square miles of pristine Indian Ocean.For more information about the yacht itself, check out Azimut’s website. Bookings for Norma can be made through reservations.vommuli@stregis.com. Next 1 of 6 Close Rob Lowe’s Montecito Millon-Dollar Manse Hits the Market Previous America’s Oldest City Has a Super-Modern Dining and Drinking Scenelast_img read more

Gibraltar Police Finds 108 Kg of Cocaine aboard Bulker

first_imgzoom About 108 kilograms of cocaine were found aboard the 2008-built bulk carrier Mount Faber while the vessel was anchored in the Bay of Gibraltar, the Royal Gibraltar Police informed.Following an inspection conducted aboard the 280-meter-long bulker, which was conducted on March 27, the officials found the illicit cargo concealed in what is termed as a parasite container attached to exterior of the hull under the water line.It is estimated that the street value of the seized cocaine stands at GBP 6.5 million (USD 8 million).The Royal Gibraltar Police said that the search of both the Liberian-flagged vessel and the exterior of the hull, the latter conducted by specialist underwater contractors, has stretched over the course of Monday afternoon and Tuesday.On completion of the search operation the container was brought ashore at the Gibraltar Government Marine Station.Relevant authorities arrested the Master of the vessel, Chief Engineer and a crewman from the 2008-built ship.According to AIS data provided by MarineTraffic, the 176,943 dwt bulker on its way to the port of Iskenderun in Turkey.last_img read more

Prescribing Oxycodone in Nova Scotia

first_imgExperts with the province’s Prescription Monitoring Program say aslight increase in the number of Oxycodone prescriptions in NovaScotia in 2003 over the previous year points to better painmanagement care. “Continued growth in this area of medications is expected infuture years as well,” said Coleen Conway, manager of themonitoring program. “Medical professionals have been learningmore about pain management and providing better care for peoplewho experience disease related, chronic, and severe pain.” The Department of Health released 2003 data today, April 23,gathered by the Prescription Monitoring Program through atriplicate prescription process. This process tracks the numberof prescriptions, and does not track diagnosis. Ms. Conway said that while data indicates an increase in the useof Oxycodone, it does not explain specific reasons for such anincrease. “The incidence of disease, the aging population, physicianpreference, and growing awareness of pain management options areall factors in prescription patterns,” she said. “But, we canonly speculate about which of those factors are having thegreatest influence.” Ms. Conway cautioned Nova Scotians against attributing anincrease in the use of pain medications to over-prescribing bydoctors. The data includes the number of patients and aggregateinformation about prescriptions written for Oxycodone across theprovince in 2003. During a meeting this week, Ms. Conway shared the data andexplained the role of the monitoring program to members of thecommunity partnership that is looking into the rising issue ofprescription drug abuse in Cape Breton. The 2003 statistics are available on the department website at www.gov.ns.ca/health/reports.htm The data comparing 2003 with 2002 statistics shows: The number of Nova Scotians who received at least one prescription of Oxycodone grew by 27 per cent, or 471 patients, to 2,197 in 2003. Provincially and in each health district, this remains less than one per cent of residents who received this medication; In line with the increase in the number of patients, the total number of Oxycodone prescriptions written for Nova Scotians grew by 35 per cent to 11,313 prescriptions in 2003 from 8,410 in 2002; The average number of Oxycodone prescriptions per patient remained consistent; The average number of milligrams prescribed per patient in a year has remained largely consistent, with an increase of two per cent. Cape Breton grew at the provincial average of two per cent; The Capital Health District and Cape Breton Health District remain the areas with the most prescriptions written and the largest number of patients receiving prescriptions for Oxycodone. These areas also have the largest populations. Oxycodone is an effective pain medication when used as directed. It was introduced to the Canadian market about 10 years ago. Itis one of about 590 medications tracked by the PrescriptionMonitoring Program through a triplicate prescription process.last_img read more

Trump stokes antiMuslim sentiment censured in US abroad

first_imgWASHINGTON – Stoking the same anti-Islam sentiments he fanned on the campaign trail, President Donald Trump on Wednesday retweeted a string of inflammatory videos from a fringe British political group purporting to show violence being committed by Muslims.The tweets drew a sharp condemnation from British Prime Minister Theresa May’s office, which said it was “wrong for the president to have done this.” May spokesman James Slack said the far-right Britain First group seeks to divide through its use of “hateful narratives which peddle lies and stoke tensions.”Brushing off the criticism in an evening tweet, Trump said May instead of focusing on him should “focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom.”Trump had turned away from taxes, North Korea and other issues facing his administration to share the three videos tweeted by Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of the British group. It was not clear what drew him to the videos, though one had been shared by conservative commentator Ann Coulter the day before.White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump was simply promoting border security and suggested that verifying the content was not a top concern.“Whether it’s a real video, the threat is real and that is what the president is talking about,” she said.The tweets read: “VIDEO: Islamist mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death!” and “VIDEO: Muslim Destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary!” and “VIDEO: Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!”Trump made anti-Muslim comments one hallmark of his presidential campaign and has previously retweeted inflammatory posts from controversial Twitter accounts including some with apparent ties to white nationalist groups. As president, he has sought to ban travel to the U.S. from a number of majority-Muslim countries.His promotion of the videos came two days after he mocked Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” during an Oval Office event with Native American veterans, drawing criticism from of Native American war veterans and politicians of both major parties.Britain First opposes what it calls the “Islamization” of Britain. It has run candidates in local and national elections, with little success, and has campaigned against the construction and expansion of mosques.Trump’s retweets gave a wide platform to the previously obscure group. The videos were each shared more than 10,000 times, and Fransen picked up nearly 10,000 Twitter followers in the hours following Trump’s retweets. She thanked him on Twitter, saying “GOD BLESS YOU TRUMP!”Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke also welcomed the videos, tweeting that Trump was being “condemned for showing us what the fake news media WON’T. Thank God for Trump! That’s why we love him!”Condemnation from civil rights organizations was swift.The executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Nihad Awad, said in a statement that Trump is “clearly telling members of his base that they should hate Islam and Muslims.”The American Civil Liberties Union, in a tweet, said, “Trump’s prejudice against Muslims reveals itself at every turn — with today’s tweets meant to gin up fear and bias.”There are about 3.45 million Muslims in the United States, according to an August report from the Pew Research Center.One of the retweeted videos from 2013 showed a radical Islamist in Egypt throwing a 9-year-old boy off a roof. The video was filmed in Egypt days after the overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi by Egypt’s military. The perpetrators of the roof violence were later sentenced to death for killing the boy and another man.Another video shows a man — said to be a supporter of Syria’s al-Qaida affiliate then known as the Nusra Front — smashing a blue and white statue of the Virgin Mary. The video appeared on the internet in October 2013, in the midst of the Syrian civil war, and was reported by the Middle East Media Research Institute, MEMRI.The third video shows one young man attacking another young man on crutches. It was originally posted to a Dutch video site in May 2017 and picked up by Dutch media the following day. Two 16-year-old boys were arrested, according to De Telegraaf, and police removed the video. The boys’ religion was not included in any of the reports.Fransen said in her tweet that a “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!” But a statement from a spokesman for the Dutch prosecution service Wednesday said the boy was not a migrant and was born and raised in the Netherlands.The Netherlands Embassy in the United States also weighed in with a tweet, writing: “Facts do matter. The perpetrator of the violent act in this video was born and raised in the Netherlands. He received and completed his sentence under Dutch law.”Fransen has been charged with causing religiously aggravated harassment through leaflets and videos that were distributed during a criminal trial earlier this year. She has separately been charged with using “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour” in a speech she made in Northern Ireland in August. She is currently free on bail.She was convicted last year of religiously aggravated harassment and fined after hurling abuse at a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.Trump’s retweets were condemned by Brendan Cox, whose British lawmaker wife Jo Cox was murdered last year by an attacker with far-right views.Cox tweeted: “Trump has legitimised the far right in his own country, now he’s trying to do it in ours. Spreading hatred has consequences & the President should be ashamed of himself.”The British government rejected calls from opposition lawmakers to revoke Trump’s invitation to visit. May announced in January that he had accepted an invitation for a state visit, one of the biggest honours the country can bestow on foreign leaders. Almost a year later, no date has been set, and opponents of Trump have vowed to stage large protests if he does come.___Jill Lawless reported from London.last_img read more

Month after IAF air strike Pak army takes team of journalists to

first_imgNew Delhi: A month after the air strikes by the Indian Air Force on Jaish-e-Mohammad training camps in the Balakot, Pakistan Army took a group of journalists in the area, sources in the government have said. A team of scribes was taken to the spot on March 28 (Thursday), they said. The Indian Express reported quoting intelligence sources that over 300 children at a JeM madrasa in the area were still found to be present. Journalists escorted by the Pak army met the children and made videos, they said, adding that the area is protected by Frontier Corp (a Pakistan paramilitary force). Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’IAF conducted an air strike at JeM training camps in PoK’s Balakot before dawn on February 26. A day after the strikes, IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was captured by the Pakistani Army on February 27 after his MiG-21 Bison jet was shot down in a dogfight with Pakistani jets during an aerial combat. He downed an F-16 fighter of Pakistan before his plane was hit. Varthaman was released on the night of March 1 by Pakistan. The government had called it a “non-military pre-emptive strike.” Friday’s statement by Intelligence sources comes after Pakistan denied the presence of any terror camps after it examined 22 “pin locations” shared by India. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KPakistan also said it could not establish any links between the 54 people detained by its investigative agencies and the Pulwama attack. Pakistan Foreign Ministry’s statement came a month after India handed a dossier on the Jaish-e-Mohammad’s involvement in the February 14 Pulwama attack. The latest statement by government sources comes just two weeks ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. The Modi government has been criticising the Opposition for demanding proof of the Balakot airstrikes. The Congress has been asking the government for evidence of the airstrikes. Meanwhile, while addressing a rally in Odisha, PM Modi on Friday said, “Ek mahina ho gaya Pakistan lashein ginney main laga hua hai or yeh saboot maang rahe hain (Since one month, Pakistan is counting corpses and Opposition is asking for proof)”.last_img read more

Despite boycott calls PM to canvass in Manipur

first_imgImphal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in Manipur on Sunday for campaigning despite boycott calls given by the outlawed Maoist Communist Party, BJP sources told IANS on Thursday. Manipur goes to the polls on April 11 and 18 for two Lok Sabha seats. The police said security in and around Imphal city has been tightened to ensure that there is no untoward incident during the Prime Minister’s visit. Hundreds of persons were checked at different places in the city and asked to prove their identity by the security forces. A few have been detained for questioning. However, no militant has been arrested or illegal arms and explosives recovered, the police said. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details The armed rebel group is boycotting Modi’s visit alleging the government’s hand in the escape of rape accused Th. Nando and drug king pin Leikhosei Zou. In a statement the rebel group accused the state government of abetting the escape of the two. While journalist Kishorechandra, who was detained under the National Security Act, has not been allowed to meet his family members, the group questioned how Th. Nando, commander of the Kangleipak Communist Party (Nando group) could “escape” from the hospital here. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday The group also raised questions over the release of L. Zou, who is a vice president in the Bharatiya Janata Party. He had been arrested and some illegal guns and heroin worth over Rs 37 crore seized. The Congress has also demanded a CBI probe suspecting a political angle in the Zou case. “Police arrested constable Manjoor Ahmed in connection with Nando’s escape and tortured him to death in custody,” K. Meghachandra, Congress spokesperson said, adding that the policeman was not even on duty on March 26 when Nando had escaped. People in Thoubal district from where the deceased constable hailed have been agitating for a Central Bureau of Investigation probe, too.last_img read more

Afghanistan UN official urges steps to prevent child deaths in conflict

Last year, some 346 children were killed by warring factions in Afghanistan, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict Radhika Coomaraswamy told reporters in Kabul.“One hundred and thirty-one of these were by aerial strikes, 22 by search-and-raid by Special Forces; 128 were killed by anti-Government elements, including assassinations and suicide bombings,” said Ms. Coomaraswamy. “The rest were undetermined perpetrators,” she said in a statement, recognizing the efforts of General Stanley McChrystal, commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), to ensure that the protection of civilians is a part of the military strategy. Ms. Coomaraswamy noted a “major change in attitude and tactics” on the part of the military since her last visit in July 2008, but stressed that “these ideas and directives have now to be implemented.”As part of her seven-day visit to Afghanistan to look into the situation of war-affected children, Ms. Coomaraswamy met on Tuesday with President Hamid Karzai, as well as Gen. McChrystal and a number of key Ministers in the Afghan Government.“I must say that General McChrystal said that he will work with the UN in developing procedures and protocols to try and better protect children,” said Ms. Coomaraswamy. She added that the Government have also shown a political will to deal with issues related to children and armed conflict, and have set up a steering committee in a number of ministries to work alongside UN officials in an effort to shield children from the hostilities. “With regard to children associated with armed groups, we will engage in discussions with ISAF and the Afghan Army to see what can be done when they encounter children in military operations,” she said. “We hope to enter into a protocol so that those children will be properly released and reintegrated into their communities.”The Special Representative noted cooperation from the Government and ISAF with regards to children in detention, as well as the issue of sexual violence against children. “I was particularly concerned, from my last visit, on the issues raised by religious leaders about the practice of ‘Bacha baazi’ and the sexual abuse of boys.” The Minister of Interior confirmed to her that a special unit is being established to investigate violence against girls, boys, and women, and that officers have to be trained with help from the international community. 24 February 2010A senior United Nations human rights official today called on international troops fighting militants in Afghanistan to follow directives designed to guard against civilian deaths, drawing particular attention to the plight of children caught up in the conflict. read more

The Latest EU Germany back call to discuss Amazon at G7

BIARRITZ, France — The Latest on the upcoming Group of Seven leaders’ summit (all times local):1:30 p.m.The European Union and Germany are backing French President Emmanuel Macron’s call to put the Amazon fires on the agenda of this weekend’s G-7 summit of world leaders in France.European Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva said Friday that “the commission is deeply worried. The Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest and contains one-tenth of the world’s species.”Andreeva says the EU’s executive arm welcomes Macron’s initiative, noting that a “sense of urgency is indeed warranted.”She says the bloc stands ready to help, and can notably offer the use of its satellite system to Brazil and Bolivia.Andreeva says the EU’s trade agreement with the Mercosur countries of South America, including Brazil, obliges them to respect the Paris climate change agreement and uphold environmental standards.German government spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters that Chancellor Angela Merkel views the fires as “shocking and threatening.”___12:45 p.m.Security is getting tighter in the southern French beach resort of Biarritz ahead of the G-7 leaders’ summit beginning this weekend.The airport and train station are closing down Friday afternoon and residents used to bustle at the height of summer vacations say the streets are empty.The city centre is almost deserted, and the seaside around the casino where leaders will meet is under lockdown.Cars are thoroughly checked and tourists can no longer access their usual haunts.Philippe Haguet says the gift shop he owns has been empty for the past two days.Leaders of the Group of Seven countries arrive on Saturday to discuss issues including the struggling global economy and climate change until Monday. They include the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, France, Canada and Italy.The Associated Press read more

Key appointments in Canada and South Africa for Gekko Systems

first_imgGekko Systems has welcomed four new staff members to its Canadian and South African global offices as the company says it “continues to strengthen its delivery of customer support, sales and services around the world.” Gekko’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, commented: “The quality and commitment of our global office leaders and staff is critical to deliver world-class mineral processing services and plants. We are delighted to welcome these appointees.”Greg Rasmussen has been appointed Gekko’s VP Sales and Operations – North America, based in Gekko’s Canadian office in Vancouver. Greg brings 30 years experience in the Canadian minerals processing operations, including business development and operations management for Glencore Technologies. “Client feedback indicates that Gekko’s Vancouver office is delivering a high level of technology and support to clients in North America. My focus is to continue this commitment as well as developing new relationships with mining companies in the region,” Rasmussen commented. Gekko said that its clients in the North American region will benefit from this increased support and access to his vast industry experience.Gerhard Bezuidenhout has joined Gekko’s Johannesburg global office as Regional Manager, Sales and Operations for the African region. Gerhard has an extensive career in mining development, minerals processing and project and operations management, throughout various countries. Bezuidenhout commented, “Africa has been a large market for Gekko’s equipment and services. My aim is to continue the high level of service Gekko delivers to its clients as well as expanding the company’s footprint to more countries in the African continent. Gekko’s equipment allows room for diverse applications which is an excellent fit for the African market.” Given the high number of smaller mines in southern Africa, Gerhard will also be heavily focused on managing and growing Gekko’s local Performance Consulting Group which supports mine operators in improving mineral recoveries through flowsheet optimisation.Additionally, Gekko has appointed two highly skilled engineers to work in South Africa. Mxolisi Ntombela (MX), a well-qualified Chemical Engineer, joined Gekko in October last year as a Technical Process Engineer based in the Johannesburg global office. MX will focus on undertaking and overseeing a large portion of the process design work for Gekko’s African clients, which was previously performed by engineers at Gekko’s head office in Ballarat. Due to the increasing workload for the Australian team implementing large projects, MX will provide vital process improvement and design support to Gekko’s clients in southern Africa.Also, John Fourie joined Gekko last November as a Technical Services Engineer. This new role was created to provide additional technical support to service clients in the region, as well as to meet the demands of Gekko’s expanding performance consulting division in Africa. “John’s strong technical skills and industry experience in engineering design and the commissioning of metallurgical processing plants, including gravity concentration and chemical processing plants, will ensure Gekko’s clients receive exceptional service and support.”last_img read more

Trailer Watch Which movie should you go see this weekend

first_img PLANNING ON HEADING out to the cinema this weekend?There are a few new movies out, but which is a must-watch, and are there any you should avoid?We take a look.20th Century Women Source: Movieclips Trailers/YouTubeWhat we knowBased on the real life of the writer-director Mike Mills, we watch three women of different ages navigate life in California in the 1970s.What the critics say“As the fiercely independent Dorothea, who was raised in the Depression, Bening is magnificent and unflappable, accepting her son’s various experiments with indomitable spirit, but also revealing the loneliness that keeps her up at night.” – The Atlantic“The personal is the political, as second-wave feminists liked to say, and so it is in “20th Century Women.” The politics sneak up on you, filtered through the intimate lives of its electrically alive characters.” – New York Times 14 Comments Source: Fifty Shades/YouTubeWhat we knowIt’s baaack! And darker than ever. Oo-er missus.What the critics say“Such seedy shenanigans makes Fifty Shades Darker exactly the tastefully arranged pile of perfumed garbage that most franchise fans were hoping for. The fleeting guilty pleasure and the never-ending shame of it all is theirs for the taking.” – Daily Telegraph“There’s certainly something to be said here about the chronic compulsive behavior of masochists as well as sadists, but amid its luxurious montages of burrata-smooth flesh, industrial-strength lingerie and bruiseless manhandling, “Fifty Shades Darker” isn’t in the mood to say it.” – Variety Feb 9th 2017, 8:30 PM 24,544 Views http://jrnl.ie/3224939 Prevenge (258) What’s it rated? Fifty Shades Darker (615) What’s it rated? Trailer Watch: Which movie should you go see this weekend? What’s a must-watch, and what’s a miss? We tell you. Thursday 9 Feb 2017, 8:30 PM Share5 Tweet Email center_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article What’s it rated? RottenTomatoes: 7.3/10IMDB: 6.6/10Which one would you go see first? None of them (2892) By Aoife Barry Poll Results: 20th Century Women (620) RottenTomatoes: 7.9/10IMDB: 7.8/10Fifty Shades Darker Short URL 20th Century WomenFifty Shades DarkerPrevengeNone of themVote RottenTomatoes:IMDB:Prevenge Source: New Trailer Buzz/YouTubeWhat we knowAlice Lowe plays a pregnant woman whose unborn child sends her down a murderous path.What the critics say“That Lowe herself was with child during the production only heightens the raw nerve of proceedings; while not every tonal downshift here is entirely fluid, this remains a smart, risky one-off, unconcerned with those (and there will be many) who can’t acquire its taste.” – Variety“Lowe stars as a very unsympathetic character – and it’s great to see a film which rejects so thoroughly the idea of sympathetic characters – with some of David Brent’s self-pity and self-importance.” – The Guardianlast_img read more

Obama says Greece needs growth not more austerity

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram As representatives of the new Greek government begin a round of visits to eurozone countries, President Barack Obama has suggested that Greece will not be able to recover from its economic crisis unless there is a let up in austerity policies.“You cannot keep on squeezing countries that are in the midst of depression,” when CNN’s Fareed Zakaria asked him about the case of Greece. “At some point, there has to be a growth strategy in order to pay off their debts and eliminate some of their deficits.“There is no doubt that the economy of Greece was in dire need of reform,” he said in the interview broadcast on Sunday. “Tax collection was famously terrible. In order for Greece to compete in the world markets, they had to initiate a series of changes.”However, the US president underlined that it is very difficult to carry out reforms when a country’s economy has contracted dramatically. Greece saw almost a quarter of its GDP disappear between 2008 and 2014.“It’s very hard to initiate those changes if people’s standards of living are dropping by 25 percent,” he said. “Over time, the political system and society cannot sustain it.”Obama also made reference to the compromise that would be needed by the SYRIZA-led coalition and the eurozone to reach a deal that would keep Greece in the single currency.“My hope is that Greece will remain in the eurozone,” he told CNN. “I think that will require compromise on all sides. When the financial crisis in Greece flared up a few years ago, we were very active in trying to arrive at some sort of accommodation. I think there’s recognition on the part of Germany and others that it would be better for Greece to stay in the eurozone than be outside of it and the markets will obviously be skittish about this.”Obama suggested that the eurozone needed to do more to stimulate growth and repeated that country’s that have been through deep recessions, such as Greece, should be assisted.“More broadly I’m concerned about growth in Europe. Fiscal prudence is important, structural reforms are necessary in many of these countries but what we’ve learnt in the US experience… is that the best way to reduce deficits and restore fiscal soundness is to grow,” he said.“When you have an economy that is in freefall there has to be a growth strategy and not simply an effort to squeeze more and more out of a population that is hurting worse and worse.”Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Allemagne la chirurgie esthétique bientôt interdite aux mineurs

first_imgAllemagne : la chirurgie esthétique bientôt interdite aux mineurs ?Dans le cadre d’une nouvelle loi, le parti politique majoritaire en Allemagne envisage d’interdire les opérations de chirurgie esthétique chez les moins de 18 ans. Aujourd’hui, une autorisation parentale suffit pour qu’un mineur se fasse opérer.Selon les chiffres de l’Association des chirurgiens plasticiens allemands, 10% des opérations de chirurgie à visée esthétique sont réalisées sur des jeunes de moins de 20 ans. Ainsi, ce sont des milliers de mineurs qui passent chaque année sous le bistouri, notamment pour des augmentations du volume des seins ou des liposucions. Une possibilité que le gouvernement allemand veut aujourd’hui empêcher. En effet, dans le cadre d’une nouvelle loi sur les droits des patients, l’Union chrétienne-démocrate (CDU) voudrait faire interdire la chirurgie esthétique chez les moins de 18 ans. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?A l’heure actuelle, tout mineur a la possibilité de se faire opérer dans la mesure où une autorisation parentale est délivrée. Néanmoins, le parti majoritaire en Allemagne estime que c’est loin d’être sans risque, d’un point de vue chirurgicale comme psychologique. “Même dans le cas d’une explication en bonne et due forme, il n’est pas garanti que le jeune soit conscient de la portée de sa décision”, explique la CDU citée par Slate.fr. Ainsi, la décision, si elle prise trop tôt, peut avoir de sérieuses conséquences psychologiques négatives.Mais ce n’est pas la seule mesure envisagée. La nouvelle loi qui destinée à entrer en vigueur en 2013 devrait également permettre de redéfinir et clarifier l’appellation “chirurgie esthétique”, aujourd’hui entourée d’un flou juridique dont certains profitent. En outre, le projet de loi prévoit la mise en place d’un fonds de dédommagement des victimes d’erreurs chirurgicales. S’élevant à plusieurs millions d’euros, celui-ci serait financé par les assurés et médecins pour notamment permettre aux victimes de bénéficier d’opérations de chirurgie réparatrice plus rapidement. En France, l’accès des mineurs à la chirurgie esthétique a également fait l’objet d’un projet de loi voisin. Déposé en 2010 à l’Assemblée nationale par la députée UMP Valérie Boyer, il ne vise toutefois pas à interdire totalement ces opérations aux moins de 18 ans car cela pourrait “engendrer le tourisme de ces opérations vers les pays qui les autorisent”, rapporte Slate.fr. Il s’agirait donc plutôtde mieux encadrer cet accès en réalisant notamment des consultations préopératoires avec un psychiatre et un deuxième chirurgien. Le 16 avril 2012 à 11:56 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Vénus devant le Soleil un coup de pouce pour lobservation des exoplanètes

first_imgVénus devant le Soleil : un coup de pouce pour l’observation des exoplanètesGrâce au passage très attendu de Vénus devant le Soleil les 5 et 6 juin, les scientifiques vont pouvoir mettre à l’épreuve les techniques d’observation des exoplanètes lointaines transitant devant leur étoile.On n’a que rarement l’occasion de voir Vénus passant devant le Soleil. Il faut savoir que la prochaine fois qu’un pareil événement se produira, nous serons en 2117 (dans 105 ans). En effet, ce transit n’a lieu que par paire de huit ans d’intervalle et n’a plus lieu pendant plus d’un siècle. Le précédent passage de 2004 sera donc suivi d’un second les 5 et 6 juin 2012 alors qu’aucun ne s’était produit au XXe siècle.”Cet événement est une grande chance car il nous permet d’étudier de façon très détaillée un phénomène que nous observons à de très grandes distances dans notre galaxie [la Voie Lactée] ce qui devrait nous donner davantage de confiance dans notre capacité à interpréter les signaux que nous détectons”, a expliqué à l’AFP l’astronome Rick Fienberg, de l’American Astronomical Society. “Le transit de Vénus devant le Soleil est exactement la même phénomène capté par le satellite Kepler autour d’autres étoiles quand leurs planètes passent devant elles”, précise-t-il. Finalement la seule différence majeure est que, dans le cas de ces exoplanètes, “leur étoile n’est qu’un point de lumière car elles sont très éloignées de nous et il est de ce fait difficile de voir ce qui se passe”, souligne l’astronome Alan MacRobert, éditeur de la revue Sky and Telescope. Ainsi, “tout ce qui est visible est une très légère diminution de l’intensité lumineuse de l’étoile quand une planète passe devant”, indique-t-il à l’AFP. Toutefois, cette simple variation permet de retirer des informations précieuses sur la composition de l’atmosphère de l’exoplanète observée. À lire aussiDes chercheurs auraient découvert l’origine de la mystérieuse lumière verte observée par la NASAFinalement, le passage de Vénus servira ainsi de mesure étalon. “On pourra effectuer des mesures de l’atmosphère durant son passage devant le Soleil et voir quelles sortes de signaux on obtient en faisant des mesures similaires d’exoplanètes transitant devant leur étoile, et comparer ensuite les résultats sachant que dans le cas de Vénus ils sont exacts”, explique Gerard van Belle, un astronome de l’observatoire de Lowell. Une éclipse observable tôt en Europe M. Feinberg précise pour sa part que “les 20 premières minutes et les 20 dernières minutes du passage de Vénus, qui doit durer six heures et demi au total, seront les moments les plus fructueux pour l’observation alors que la lumière du soleil traversera l’atmosphère vénusienne pour former une sorte de coquille autour de la planète”. Celui-ci précise également que “ce sont les périodes durant lesquelles les astronomes essaieront de mesurer la composition de l’atmosphère de Vénus au moment où celle-ci modifiera le spectre lumineux du Soleil”.Le passage de Vénus devant le Soleil sera entièrement visible à travers le Pacifique depuis l’est de l’Australie, et notamment à Hawaii. Aux Etats-Unis, le transit commencera dans l’après-midi et le soleil se couchera avant la fin du phénomène. En Europe ce sera le contraire. Au lever du jour, le 5 juin Vénus aura déjà commencé à passer devant le Soleil. Il faudra donc se lever très tôt pour pouvoir observer quelque chose. Heureusement, plusieurs sites américains proposent de suivre l’événement: http://venustransit.nso.edu ou http://venustransit.nasa.gov/transitofvenus/.Le 5 juin 2012 à 11:46 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Paco Alcacer credits current form to Reus

first_imgBorussia Dortmund goal-machine Paco Alcacer singled out club captain Marco Reus for praise, crediting him for his current form and settling in at the club since his move from Barcelona.Alcacer joined Dortmund on loan from the Spanish champions in August, and has hit the ground running, scoring seven Bundesliga goals in the 126 minutes he has played so far.And he was quick to attribute his goalscoring success to clubmate Reus, who is enjoying a resurgence of his own.Sergio RamosSpain barely comes out alive from Romania in the Qualifier Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 5, 2019 Complicated victory for Spain against Romania in Bucharest. Ramos and Alcacer scored the winning goals but suffered in the second half.With the terrible news of…“Playing with Marco is very easy,” the Spaniard explained on Dortmund’s official YouTube channel.“The quality he has when he’s going forward, the timing he has to meet chances and the ease with which he plays. I also benefit from the hard defensive work he puts in with the team.”“Marco has helped me a lot with settling in, both on and off the pitch,” he concluded. “He’s a big part of the reason I feel so good here. He’s a world-class leader. I appreciate him a lot.”last_img read more

FCC Environment staff have awarded recognition 1300 times since October 2018

first_imgUK-based waste and resource management organisation FCC Environment (FCC) has seen its employees award 1,300 instances of social recognition since October 2018 via its online recognition programme.FCC, which employees 2,400 staff across 200 sites, launched its online recognition portal in October 2018 to help improve engagement and align with its existing benefits provision, which works to strengthen the organisation’s people focus, develop a skilled and motivated workforce and ensure that staff feel valued. FCC’s reward offering also strives to make the business feel like a great place to work.The programme, which uses both peer-to-peer and management recognition, is available via FCC’s benefits platform, FCC Extra, provided by You at Work. The platform also houses online total reward statements, payslips, flexible benefits, access to a money advice service and online discounts.Employees can share peer-to-peer recognition by adding pictures to their online profile page and then offering public thanks to colleagues, aligned to specific categories. The categories, which include Helping Hands, Great Teamwork, Good Job, Great Ideas, Environment Commitment, People Focus, Doing the Right Thing and Forward Thinking, have been designed to complement organisational values. Employees can be copied into the recognition, so they are aware of the praise.All of the thanks can be viewed in a continuous, social media style feed on the platform’s home page; this can be filtered, if employees wish, so that they only see recognition for people who are relevant to them.The programme also allows nominated employees to receive perks at their manager’s discretion, via an approval process. Employees can be awarded a chocolate box, a gift card for coffee at Costa or Starbucks, mystery gifts, or a £10 One4All gift card.The recognition system provides team awards and enables employees to make formal nominations for extraordinary achievements; these are called ABCD awards, and rewards are given quarterly.FCC monitors the recognition programme using a reporting functionality on the platform. This also sends managers an automated email to remind them to recognise employees if they have not logged on for one week.The programme was initially communicated to staff using posters, internal emails and emails sent from the benefits platform itself.Naomi Nightingale-Okere, internal communications coordinator at FCC, said: “Since implementing this new recognition platform, we have had a lot of positive feedback; it seems everyone has taken to it very well and we have found it really bridges the gap between the formal recognition scheme we have in place, which is for extraordinary achievements.“Having the ability to alter the perks we give out really helps to keep it fresh and, as an admin of the platform, I find it really easy to manage and fulfil all of the perks.”last_img read more

Rupee Hits Fresh Twoyear Lows RBI Governor Rajan Says Ready to Arrest

first_imgThe rupee depreciated to fresh two-year lows on Monday, as intensifying worries over China’s economic growth triggered heavy currency sell-off in global markets, including India.The rupee fell sharply to close at 66.72 against the dollar on Monday after the benchmark stock index, the S&P BSE Sensex, fell over 1,100 points in early morning trade. Overall, the rupee has fallen by 4% in the past two weeks.However, the rupee pared some of the losses later on, but still remained at its lowest level since September 2013. The domestic currency had hit its lowest at 68.80 against the US dollar on 28 August, 2013.The rupee has been under pressure ever since the Chinese authorities opted for yuan devaluation two weeks ago. The devaluation triggered a global sell-off in currencies, including the Indian rupee.Investors are also worried that China may be compelled to devalue its currency further if its economy faces further slowdown.Another round of devaluation could fuel concerns of a global currency war, which will be detrimental to global economy.”I am afraid there is going to be further pressure on emerging market currencies. I do not think this is necessarily the end of it,” Khoon Goh of ANZ Research told CNBC-TV18.To ease concerns over the continuing depreciation of the rupee, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan said that “the Reserve Bank will not hesitate to use its USD 380-billion foreign-exchange reserves to jag out volatility”.”India is in a better position compared to other markets,” Rajan said.Many analysts expect the rupee to remain slightly resilient to China’s yuan devaluation compared to other Asian currencies.”The impact of yuan devaluation on the rupee will be less compared to other Asian currencies such as the South Korean won, Taiwan dollar and the Singapore dollar,” Roy Teo, a Singapore-based currency strategist at ABN Amro Bank NV, told Livemint.last_img read more

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sneak in a shocking visitor for baby

first_imgMeghan MarkleThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex Official Instagram (sussexroyal)Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a surprise visitor. Reportedly, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex secretly held a meeting so their “idol”, Dr. Jane Goodall could say hello to their son Archie.According to the Mirror, the Duke and Duchess invited the chimpanzee specialist to their Frogmore Cottage property last month. Reports suggest she had the chance to give the then-five-week-old a cuddle. That is quite an impressive guest for sure.Reportedly, the visit comes after Dr. Goodall saw Harry stopover at one of her ‘Roots and Shoots’ youth programmes. Apparently, there, the 34-year-old began to gain a better understanding of what the initiative involves. Dr. is of the opinion that fatherhood is the reason Prince Harry is interested in the project. She reportedly told him that of course he was interested in Roots and Shoots, especially now that he has a baby and he seems to have agreed.  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (L), French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (3rd L), animal activist Jane Goodall (C), former United States Vice President Al Gore (3rd R), United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (2nd R) and French Environment Minister Segolene Royal take part in the “People’s Climate March” in Manhattan, New York on 21 September 2014.ReutersDr. Goodall also seems to have revealed that Meghan admitted to being an admirer of her work for many years. She described Meghan as saying she “hero-worshipped” the 85-year-old, who had been her “idol” for many years.It is known that Dr. Jane Goodall is a prominent primatologist and anthropologist. Considered to be the world’s foremost expert on Chimpanzees. It looks like Meghan and Harry have the right idea when it comes to shaping baby Archie’s mind. We have to say that the couple Sussex may be the type of parents that prioritise education and an informed mind. Despite all the criticism Meghan has been facing recently, the Duchess needs to be given props for exposing baby Archie to Dr. Jane Goodall, even if baby Archie might have no memory of the event. As a parent, we have to say that it is a good start.last_img read more